Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Jess, Gia, Dave and I. Are we at Claimjumpers?!
I realized tonight that I have been going (coming?) to CCs for over 15 years! That's several years under half my life, but it's stil a damn long time. And tonight I realized that I really take this place for granted.
It's got the best drinks in town. And by best I mean strong. Like the alcohol pours, the food portions are like, 'Seriously?!' The picture above shows 2 half orders of nachos and a half-eaten quesadilla.
I'm not complaining, just the opposite. That's the whole point of this post, CCs -- I just wanted to tell ya I love you! In all your weird glory, you're the bar for me.

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Anonymous said...

I love me some CC's