Sunday, March 29, 2009

Call and Response Opening Reception

Jeffry Mitchell saying hello HELLO

Last night, Crawl Space had the opening reception for their 3rd Annual Centennial Exhibition.  Jeffry Mitchell curated/juried the show plus created a brand new piece for it.   The winning piece in the show was "Moon/Color Spectrum" by Jack Ryan.

Joshua Lindenmayer giving Gretchen Bennett a tattoo.

I talked about the show a bit here and it certainly didn't disappoint.  The room was crowded with artists and art-lovers taking in the art about which Jeffry Mitchell said, "There's something about magic, Hippie magic, and the way the LOVE CHILDREN freed them selves...It's the story that I can't help but see and although I claim that each pair of works in the this show found each other on their own, the instant I see these works, I bring stories to each of them, helplessly, naturally."

Tattoos by Gretchen Bennett

One of the highlights of the opening were the tattoos by Joshua Lindenmayer and Gretchen Bennett.  They had several designs/colors you could choose from.  Or they'd just pick out one for you.  Folks were getting their whole arms covered.  Beautiful.

Arts advocate Bestey Brock, along with Jeffry Mitchell and Jack Ryan.

The beer was flowing, the food was delicious and people were having a great time.  At 7:30, Jeff gave a speech, thanking all the artists who submitted work.  He was reluctant to give a prize to just one person since there were so many great entries but Jack Ryan's piece was really good and influenced the tone of the show.  

Joey white-washing the fence.  

Here's me doing a performance piece that consisted of me whitewashing the fence (a la Tom Sawyer) as folks entered the gallery.

Check out more pics from the evening here.

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