Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wall of the Possible Future

Redemption Riley

I was talking to an artist friend a while back and they mentioned they hadn't ever worked in an office. At first I was envious (I've almost always had an office day job and wondered if the grass was greener) but at the end of the day, I really enjoy working in an office. (Well, maybe not at the end of the day because usually by then I'm wishing I was at a happy hour with friends.)

I can be pretty social so for me, the most fun part of my day is getting to talk to my co-workers. Unfortunately, this Friday is the last day for a lot of them. We found out in December that they're closing the Seattle office. I have until June (someone has to turn out the lights).

Some people are understandably nervous about what they'll do next in this economy. My ever helpful co-workers put up this wall chock full of career suggestions and dubbed it the "Wall of the Possible Future."

You might have to click/enlarge to read them, but here are some practical ones: plasma donator (not just a donor), game show host, perfume/cologne maker, private dancer, smoothie pushcart or perhaps the old reliable position of pachinko parlor operator.

My job is going to be way less fun without them.

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Onlymefairmay said...

And all our lives will be way less fun without you! I am so coming in to the office these next few months to (sexually) harass you. =)