Monday, February 23, 2009


Couple by Shohei
WOW! I randomly came across this painter, Shohei, around a week ago on Flickr. I keep coming back to these pieces. His paintings are really beautiful and intense. Shohei lives in Japan.
Couple by Shohei

Smile by Shohei

He seems to have a few different styles. Some paintings project a subdued violence. Others feel electric with mania. Even his landscapes burst with energy. One thing they're not is calm.

Where Are We Are by Storm Tharp (via PDX)

The first time I saw the portraits, they reminded me of Storm Tharp. I love those paintings of his!


colleen said...

honey...these one's scare me. Is it my lack of artistic appreciation????

Joey Veltkamp said...

haha -- nope, even some of my art friends are like, 'eek!'. something about them i just love though (but then do you remember my "vial of blodd")?

xoxoxoxoxo miss you!