Sunday, December 7, 2008

127 Spikes!

127 Spikes with 126 Heads of Kings, Queens, and Princes (Detail)
Ink and colored pencil on paper
45 X 60 in.2008

You like crazy art, right? Then get your butt down to SOIL pronto and see the "Just Drawings" show. Darin Shuler has 3 AMAZING drawings in the show. I talked to him yesterday and he said two have already sold, so don't waste another minute if you want to get in on the ground floor (more like the 2nd floor but who's counting?).

Tiger Grid, 2008
From the Time Elastic show at COCA
"Darin Shuler's art uses cartoon iconography from his childhood to express his thoughts. His most recent drawings involve ideas and imagery inspired by fairytales, folklore, and legends from around the world. The magic of Chinese fairytales, the monsters of Native American stories, and the visual absurdity within German and Irish allegories have all contributed to the grotesque, violent imagery of his current work." (via SOIL)

Time Tear, 2008
From the Time Elastic show at COCA

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