Thursday, November 20, 2008


You already know about Sweet Crude by independent film-maker, Sandy Cioffi. Sandy and the wonderful crew have been crazy busy getting the documentary finished! And they can see the finish line! Sandy and team have been working on this for three years. It's been an expensive project both emotionally and financially.

Sabotage by Gabriel Stromberg

Sweet Crude needs you! More specifically, they could use your dollars. About $100 of them. And in return, you'll get this hand printed 18" x 24" print called Sabotage by Gabriel Stromberg. Get one for you and get one for a friend (Christmas?). The imagery is the actual secret text message exchange between Tammi and Leslye during the detainment.

Sabotage (close-up)

I'm such a fan of this project (and Sandy in general)! Stay tuned -- we'll be sitting down and talking all about her past year and posting that here when her life slows down a bit.

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