Sunday, November 16, 2008

Good luck, Yann!

Aw, my friend Yann Novak has one week left in Seattle before he moves down to Los Angeles. It's felt really abstract -- up until I saw his Facebook message status countdown!

Yann is one of the sweetest, kindest, most talented folks you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting.

dave sundine, brian murphy, yann

In addition to being an awesome friend, he's also an amazing sound artist. He runs a label called Dragon's Eye Recordings. Here's a farewell article in this week's Stranger.

The Hideout, 2007, EARL 3.0 opening
me, Yann, Steven Miller

I can be awful about visiting folks once they move away (I'm not much of a traveler). Luckily if I don't get down there soon, he'll back in February for a show at the Henry (with Jamie Drouin).

our feet
Best of luck, Yann! Seattle's loss will be the world's gain.
Thanks for all the fun times!


Anonymous said...

your to sweet!!!

Joey Veltkamp said...

i'm gonna miss you, guy.

but i'm sooo excited for you (and robert)!!

Wendy, said...

Even though his name is sounds suspiciously slavic, I think he should be one more reason you come see me! (Amy & Hope & Gus being among the others.)

Joey Veltkamp said...

just got back from his going away party and i even said, "i have a friend i'm thinking about visiting in LA so i'll see you soon!"