Sunday, November 23, 2008



Implied Violence "produce exciting avant-garde pieces that receive critical acclaim and play to sold-out audiences. This summer Implied Violence produced a massive three part series called “Our Summary In Sequence” and was given The Stranger’s “Genius Award for Theater Organization”."

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"In October, Implied Violence was honored to be living as artists-in-residence at The Watermill Center in New York. The Watermill Center is internationally acclaimed theater director Robert Wilson’s center for experimental performance. Being awarded a residency at The Watermill is extremely competitive and prestigious. The new piece we developed during our residency, “Flinch Not and Give Not Back”, is our most ambitious and smart piece to date."

Implied Violence founders, Ryan Mitchell and Mandie O'Connell

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"Implied Violence has been given an incredible opportunity to expand our work, and present it not only in Seattle for our friends and family, but in New York and Europe... The first phase of our project involves meetings during the month of January in New York City and several cities in Europe, that are necessary to secure presenters, venues and additional funding for development. We need $6,000 for travel, food, lodging, and press materials. Implied Violence often leans on their friends and family for emotional support and volunteer work."

You can donate online, just like I did! It's no secret that I love the folks in Implied Violence. And they're making some really challenging work. They've already received heaps of success and have now been given a huge chance. If you can, please donate. They're great folks and will really make every dollar count!

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