Saturday, October 18, 2008


Jody, Sarah and I all met up at Two Bells last night before walking over to Cinerama for the opening night of Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. This year's opener was called Were the World Mine. We arrived late and were hoping to sit in the balcony. However, they kept it closed until seconds after we sat down in the only seats we could find-- in the very front row. Cinerama has a big screen -- my eyes are still buggy! One of the guys next to us had a lot of glitter eye make-up. Then about halfway through the movie, the lead character comes on screen wearing the same make-up as the man next to us. For some reason (probably the beers and being so close to the screen), this really weirded Sarah and I out and we couldn't quit looking at each other and then the man with the make-up for some sort of answer.

The guy next to sarah had make-up like this.

Then we went down to Sodo for the after party. It was held at Herban Feast. And free drinks! What is it about "FREE DRINKS" that makes me turn into a 21 year old? My gawd, it could be FREE PABST and I'd still go nuts! There were also (free) cupcakes, but I've had my fair share of those lately, so I able to show some restraint.

10/18 update: We all headed back down today for the Boys Shorts screening. A real hodge-podge. "Gay" is too broad of a theme for something like this. All over the map. Some great, some bad, some funny, some tender. One in particular stood out. "My Last Ten Hours with You" was a really emotionally complex piece about how a couple spends their last ten hours together. My next favorite was called "Hirsuite"

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