Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Say Hello to Gems Sneakershop

Photo via John Mooney
Gems is a sneaker shop located in Pioneer Square at 615 Western Avenue (between Columbia and Yesler). I work nearby, so I walk by it several times a week. Anyone who knows me knows I have about zero 'style', so the store always kind of intimidated me. It's dark and minimal and sells hip tennis shoes. I got my last pair of shoes at Target – about six months ago. But Gems is owned by John Mooney who is a super friendly guy who has been in the shoe business for a long time.
Cutting his teeth at Timberland for 12 years gave him the experience to venture out and start Gems earlier this year. In addition to selling “the kicks”, he’s also got vinyl toys, hello kitty watches and some other cool accessories.

John defines Gems as, “…a shop that caters to the 3rd generation sneaker heads and the young urban professional. We’re more of a lifestyle boutique.”

Photo via John Mooney

What caught my eye recently and finally got me to go in was the art on the wall. This month, John is showing Jesse Edwards. I like his stuff (he has a great Jay-Z). I haven't seen his paintings of women before. I think the show is called “Faticus”. It's mostly nudes of women. Apparently Jesse and John used to tag together back in the early 90s.

I asked John what kind of shoe he'd sell to Jack White if he showed up. The guy is loyal – he said he'd sell him some Timberlands.
Stop in, check out the art and buy some shoes.


shallyo said...

i know where i'll be tomorrow

Joey Veltkamp said...

call my cell if you end up coming down. would LOVE to see you.