Monday, September 15, 2008


My dear friend Jeffry Mitchell was shortlisted for a Stranger Genius Award. I'm not surprised. I'm also not surprised that he didn't even know it until I congratulated him over drinks at our stammtisch.

This has been a banner year for him. Between NCAW at P.A.M. and then the beautiful installation at P.I.C.A., it's like, "Christ, you can't be that good!!". But yeah, he is. "If Mitchell has a medium, it is devotion." (Jen Graves)
This is "The Presentation of the Lightbulb to the Council of Penguins" and then something about a bear wearing a beaver mask. This hangs in my living room and is a huge artistic inspiration.

And another favorite artist, Ms Gretchen Bennett! You had me long before 'hello'*. (just one of JM and GB's overlaps!). The first time I fell in love with Gretchen's art was her fawn. Gretchen was also shortlisted for the Stranger Genius. As Jen Graves said, "Her work is always about landscapes, and often about mapping, about being located somewhere and being absent from somewhere else." And I think that's the perfect way to describer her art.

I wouldn't normally go on and on like this but there are so few moments in life where artists really get celebrated for making good art. And both Jeff and Gretchen should be shortlisted for their fantastic contributions to Seattle (and beyond) art scene! You couldn't find two more humble and deserving people.

* Regina H. made this joke long before me.

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Joey Veltkamp said...

I forget to also congratulate two other favorite friends of mine: Mandie O'Connell (Stranger Genius Winner -- Organization/Implied Violence) and Trisha Ready (Shortlisted for Literature).