Thursday, September 18, 2008

Steak Salad

Smith has a new chef, Eliot Guthrie. With a new menu.
He's worked at Le Pichet and Campagne (and Lark briefly).
You can always count on Smith for keeping the menu fresh, and while also keeping favorites like poutine and the gruyere sandwich.
Check out Eliot's new menu. I was a steak salad weirdo (3x/week) a couple of menus back but then it disappeared (and I frequently lamented it). I got an email this morning saying it was back on the menu. YEA! (btw, the steak/panzanella salad was not bad at all either!). So, of course, I had to stop in tonight.
Anyway, the new steak salad is crazy good with endive and a non-mustard-y dressing (I liked the crunchiness of the mustard seeds, too). Again -- I just like steak + salad. Butter letter over mizuna. But the new one is nicely dressed! I also tried some delicious beat salad. I'm looking forward to trying everything on the menu over the next week or so.
So let me know if you're hungry for Smith.

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