Thursday, September 11, 2008

Say hello to Boat Street Pickles.

Renee Erickson has done it again. Bringing us more of her delicious take on French cuisine – this time in the form of a suite of pickled offerings. Simply called Boat Street Pickles, each product is pickled with the best produce (the secret to good pickling) at her restaurant, Boat Street Cafe.

Currently, she is making pickled raisins, pickled prunes, pickled figs and pickled red onion. In addition to the restaurant, you can purchase them at DeLaurenti Specialty Food & Wine, The Cheese Cellar (in Fisher Plaza), Watson Kennedy, Red Ticking (Madison Valley). They're around $9 - $10 a jar. Soon, you will also find them at Metropolitan Markets. There is also talk of pickled watermelon and pickled fennel. (Less talk, more pickled watermelon, please! In the meantime, I've seen it on the menu at Boat Street Cafe before.)

I was curious as to why pickles. Renee said that it's a great way to balance dishes. Using the example of pork belly (my favorite) with pickled fennel. “The acidity really helps brighten the flavors in the pork and also cuts through some of the fattiness.”

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