Wednesday, September 24, 2008

one pot + absinthe + cremant

michael hebb asked me to do the art/decorations for the one pot + absinthe + cremant dinner tonight. he wanted some absinthe-themed tablecloths. here's a preview of a drunk bear who enjoyed way too much absinthe. (who says my drawings are autobiographical?)

"the ever talented chef scott emerick of my favorite neighborhood bistro in the west - cremant - has just received a shipment of some kind of bonafide absinthe - you can expect that I will be merely sipping the myth-rich spirit - but I suggest you go full throttle and find out exactly why verlaine shot rimbaud and drove the young poet off to ethiopia to sell coffee. I have asked scott to re-animate a couple items he was taught while cooking at the michelin 3 star guy savoy in paris. don't expect a degustation menu - this is about absinthe and pots of food - but it shouldn't be missed - 20 seats only. and of course some fine coffee from ethiopia will follow...7pm. $70 person - includes absinthe and wine and food and merriment." via one pot

i, for the record, will be enjoying lots of absinthe with my good friends Dave and Jenny (and maybe Andrew? maybe Holly?) plus 18 folks.

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