Monday, September 22, 2008

"Love is forever...

...that's all your life!"

I love both Sheila E. and that line from her song, "The Glamorous Life". I always knew that it wasn't true for me because I was gay and so obviously, if you can't get married, your love can't last (I was in 7th grade people -- things were different then).

It's just so weird to all of sudden have friends getting married. Like legally married. Not just a civil union or a commitment ceremony. But a real, honest to goodness non-religious marriage! I just never thought it would happen in my life.

Congrats Roy and Mike. I'm so happy for you! You fellas make a great team!

Also, thanks to all the voices of reason in the Prop 8 debate. Many churches and religious leaders are against it because they know it's discriminatory. Even the conservative San Diego Union-Tribune's Editorial Staff has this to say,

...however, there has been no discernible impact on traditional marriage between a
man and a woman now that gay couples in California have the same right.

With gay marriage a fait accompli, society has not crumbled. The long-standing
institution of marriage is not in crisis.

I've never understood why folks are against gay marriage.

PS -- tonight's dinner (thank you Matt & Jennifer!) was all artists and scientists. I don't know why it took me so long to realize, but an artist/scientist relationship is ideal. The scientists can temper the crazy that's frequently found in artists. I want to date a scientist! :)

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