Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lisa's Birthday

It was Lisa's birthday on Thursday. Tonight was her party. It was at a place called Veil on Lower Queen Anne. Anyone who knows me, knows it takes a LOT to get me to cross Boren Street. But outside of the obvious reasons (uh, celebrating a friend's bday?), I'm so glad I went. I don't know why I would be surprised that Lisa's friends are great. She is so it stands to reason her friends would be too. Plus it's just good for perspective -- people just don't wear clothes like that where I go. I've never been a fan of 'dressing up' -- it's one of the reasons I LOVE Seattle. It's so 'come as you are'. I can go to Lark or work wearing the same jeans. So to be in a new bar -- full of folks 'dressed to the Nile!' (one of Lisa's friends frequently mixes up popular cliches) -- well, it's good for me to shake things up. Happy Birthday, honey!


shallyo said...

what did you think of veil? It's so white in there, it makes me nervous.

Joey Veltkamp said...

it seemed fine. i don't know why -- that whole area (crow/veil/etc.) weirds me out (but for no real reason).

i LOVE that white/phillipe starck sh*t. i was a huge man-ray fan when it opened up. i love that whole 2001 odyssey feel. ;)

but we just stayed in the bar.

are you back?? join amy and me for breakfast?!!