Sunday, September 28, 2008

Light, Seeking Light

The latest exhibition to open up at Western Bridge is "Light, Seeking Light". It features the work of four really great artists: Claire Cowie, Mary Temple, Solange Fabião and Susan Philipsz.
The pieces are beautifully subtle. The main gallery is a new installation by Mary Temple. Many people walked in confused. If you are unfamiliar with Mary's work, it would look like a shadow-y, dimly lit room. Then you realize that light isn't right at all. Then you realize that the light and shadows (of plants) are painted directly on the wall. Depending on the time of day, to complicate things, there is also natural light so some of what you're seeing isn't Mary's work but the sun interacting with it. I love it. It feels really solid and interesting to me.

People kept saying, "Go see Claire's piece by the stairs." I thought, "Weird, I didn't even notice anything when I walked in."

She made probably a hundred or so mouths centered around the tube lighting around the stairs. The forms are great -- beautifully painted with her signature paint drips.

There is also a great sound piece, photographs and a video that I'd like to spend more time with. A really great show, one of my new Western Bridge favorites.

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