Saturday, September 20, 2008

happy hour

My happy hours at CCs usually consist of me and Jeff. And that's actually how I like it. I know it seems odd to go to bar to just hang out with one friend, but it's something I picked up from Craig/Ryan. They would always go the Cuff to process.

Anyway, last night, with all this anxiety, I think folks were in the mood to gather and be with folks they cared about. So the group grew into about ten of us last night which made for a much more festive happy hour! After lots of drinking, the group dwindled down to about four of us. And things got serious about what's happening to America right now. It's easy to be doom and gloom, but with Trisha's presence, thing felt hopeful.

In a recent slog post, Christopher Frizzelle highlighted these words from Trisha's piece that stick with me:

As the economy crumbles further under the weight of stacked illusions, we’re
going to have to keep finding more creative ways to adapt. That might make us
more interdependent, more connected to one another. I mean locally and
globally—the world is becoming so intimate.

And, at the end of the day, it's about connections. At least for me.

Stay positive.

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