Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dinner + Art

What a dinner! I got lucky and got to tag along with Jeffry to a great dinner. What made it great (besides food/drink/atmosphere) was to be around all these fantastic artists and interesting folks (gallery owner/collector/writer for wallpaper/scientist)! Can you imagine a dinner conversation when the art they make is as disparate as this?

PS -- Thanks Bill and Roy & Mike!


colleen said...

hmmm....once again I think I'm just an 'art idiot'. Is the last picture just pieces of computer paper hung on a wall???? How about the ball made of string dipped in starch? I know there must be something I'm missing....

Joey Veltkamp said...

the ball is actually a sphere populated with hundredes of tiny blocks (like skyscrapers on a planet). the last image of the room had me fooled too. the first time i saw her art, it showed exteriors of houses and said, "enamel paint on pre-existing architecture" and i thought, 'paint on houses is now art??'. in actuality, the room that's pouring in 'light' through the window isn't really light at all. that image would look mostly the same at midnight. the "light" is painted on to create the effect of light shining through the window.

i'm going to down the gallery when she's installing to watch her. it's really subtle and beautiful.

you can tell my art doesn't quite 'fit' in with all their fancy stuff. i do painting (frowned upon) and it's simple stuff like cows. ;)

colleen said...

thanks for the explanation. I actually have a easier time 'getting' art that is painted.
Love you!