Friday, September 26, 2008

century 21: dealer's choice...

...had a lot of really great pieces in it. It didn't quite have the cohesion of past Wright Exhibition Space shows, but I really enjoyed it as a survey. Here are some of my favorite pieces -- biased or not.

Black Fu Dogs by Jeffry Mitchell

A show by gallery owners/directors about who they think will stand the artistic test of time?! Whether history proves them right or not, how can that not be interesting? And in this show, the omissions are almost as interesting as the included artists.
Drew Daly

I can see some merit in the criticisms ("hodgepodge-y", could use more women/younger artists) but I also think almost all of the pieces can hold their own. And above all else, I really appreciate the egalitarianism of the selection process.

Scott Fife (front) Victoria Haven (back)

I have seen (and loved) a lot of the pieces before. But one I haven't seen before was Joe Park's painting. It stopped me dead. My first thought was, "He just keeps getting better and better." (as if he wasn't always amazing!) The suppleness of his earlier work has given itself to an angularity that cuts through the canvas to reveal intense experiments in light. While not the highest quality photograph, the canvas below isn't reflecting glare -- the glare and intense light are part of the image. He's creating a sense of hyper-realism out of the mundane.

There was another piece there that I really loved as well. More on that later!

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