Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"more songs about eating + drinking"

i went to the one pot "more songs about eating + drinking" last night. it was a drizzly sunday evening at neumos. inside, the candleabras made everything glow a soft buttery gold.

it was free makers mark all night. which right there would be about the best evening i can think of! but then tables full of artists (visual/music/writers,chefs), bookers, owners, tree-house builders and the like all sat down for an evening of delicious food, wine and song.

i'm a dick when it comes to music and don't know as much as i should, so i can't say who was there. the only band i knew of was the long winters. but they all were amazing! one song involved bells ("that sound like angels' wings.") and summed up the cozy energy of the evening.

i attended to visually document the event so look for some drawings/something soon.

update: the bands were The Nick Jaina Band, members of Pearl Jam, The Cave Singers, Love Menu. i hope they do post the music as it was amazing.

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