Tuesday, December 18, 2007

EARL 3.0 Robotic Art Dispenser

Tomorrow night, Greg Lundgren is launching EARL 3.0 Robotic Art Dispenser. Showcasing 30+ artists in all sorts of mediums. The catch -- you buy the art from a vending machine.

I dropped off my pieces last night (2.5" x 2.5" paintings of animals) and saw a glimpse of it. It's AMAZING! I wanted to buy one of everything. Prices will run between $2 and $60!

Some of the artists off the top of my head include Yann Novak, Steven Miller, Chris Crites, Aaron & Jessixa Bagley, Jesse Edwards, Greg Lundgren, Dylan Neuwirth, Jim Blanchard and Kathy Kim. Some of the items include "miniature galleries", glicee prints, cds, coasters, paintings, ceramic pens, pre-loaded usb devices, books and zines.

Stop by, it's stocked indefinitely.

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