Friday, July 6, 2012

The Way I See It / Bellevue Arts Museum

Controlled Crazy Quit, Indiana 1970s
Collection of Corrine Riley
Have you seen the amazing show of quilts on view at Bellevue Arts Museum?! Bold Expressions is  a great show of vintage quilts created by African-American women between the 1910 - 1970s, culled from the private collection of Corrine Riley.
Flag Quilt by Sarah Mary Taylor
Mississippi, 1970s
Collection of Corrine Riley
This Sunday, I'll be leading a tour through the exhibition as part of BAM's "The Way I See It" artist-led tour series (similar to SAM's My Favorite Things tour). My pal Jeffry Mitchell will also be  on the tour giving a few of his own interesting anecdotes. The tour is free with admission. Meet in the lobby around 1:55 if you're interested in joining! 

Tulip Applique Quilt, Mississippi, 1920s
Collection of Corrine Riley

Also, I'll be doing a drawing workshop, Quilt Drawing in the Gallery, on September 29th at Bellevue Art Museum, patterned after my own quilt/blanket series. You can RSVP here.


Tanja Baumann said...

Hi Joey,

This is Tanja from BAM Sorry to have missed your tour. What pieces did you choose?


Joey_Veltkamp said...

Hi Tanja!

We did a loose walk-through and talked about many of the pieces. My personal favorite is probably the Pine Burr quilt. (But that's like trying to pick a favorite cupcake - they're all so good!)