Wednesday, June 20, 2012

News about Northwest artists

Participating artists (including Brian Cypher) at a collaborative drawing party

I always love it when Seattle exports its artists and recently a pair of my favorites, Julie Alexander and Brian Cypher, headed out to New York as part of Bushwick Open Studios, along with other artists from all over the country. They were invited to participate in "ALLTOGETHERNOW, a collaborative drawing project and abstract painting exhibition organized by Bushwick artist Julie Torres." Sounds like it was a really fun time for everyone. You can read more about it here

Man and Pet, 2012, by Jeffry Mitchell (image via Ambach & Rice)

Also in the news, Jeffry Mitchell's recent show Shamrock Edelweiss Seaweed was just written up in ArtReview. It's not hard to smile at a review that starts out like this.
"I've never met Jeffry Mitchell, but having seen his art, I'd imagine him to be a chunky fellow. Not fat, just well built. I'd also imagine him to be extravagantly hairy. Google reveals my hunches to be correct in the first instance, wrong in the second." - Jonathan Griffin

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