Friday, June 29, 2012

Cupcake Royale's 6th cafe opens Saturday!

Image by Hayley Young for Seattle Magazine

It's been a great week for my pal Jody Hall! The Affordable Care Act was upheld (she's been a big supporter of health care reform), her The Gay cupcakes are raking in money for Marriage Equality, and this Saturday she'll be opening her 6th Cupcake Royale cafe, along with launching her new ice cream line! I simply couldn't be more of proud of this woman and all the amazing things she's doing!

3 ft x 4 ft mural at new Cupcake Royale

Our friend Sarah Littlefield has been doing lots of design work for the new location and she asked me to create a couple of murals for the restroom (she's known her dramatic restrooms). She wanted them to reflect both the location's and Seattle's history. It really makes me want to do a huge mural showcasing all the awesomeness of Seattle. 

4 ft x 4 ft at new Cupcake Royale


Tierra said...

Hey where's theis awesome new location? That would be helpful. Thanks :)

Joey Veltkamp said...

108 Pine Street downtown. Sorry you had to dig - it was all in the links.