Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gretchen Bennett / call for NYC volunteers!

Are you (or some friends) in NYC? Are you looking for something really awesome to do on June 30th? Artist Gretchen Bennett is looking for a couple of volunteers to help facilitate her DrawNow!: Windfall Alphabet that she willl be leading for the Drawing Center as part of the River to River Festival. If interested, please email gretchen@gretchenbennett.com.
I'm doing a drawing project with the Drawing Center and the LMCC and am looking for two volunteers to walk with the group, just to remind people of the talking points.
The event, DrawNow!: Windfall Alphabet, happens June 30 at 2 PM on Governors Island in NY. I will be a one hour walking tour 2-3PM, beginning near a landmark building near the ferry dock, Fort Jay. The walk will span the island, tracing the trees varieties, collecting twigs from the ground that resemble letters from any alphabet, any language, symbol, etc. 
I will talk to the group about the collection process (20 total people) and give them cues, in order to help them to collect. After collecting and walking, we will meet back at Fort Jay to assess our collections. 
I'm looking for volunteers to walk along with me, and, as the group splits into smaller groups, be a point person for the group, in terms of the main themes (patterning, language, collection) of the walk. 
I plan on making a flyer that references other walking tours and the main ideas of this tour, as background information for each participant of this project. 
The time invested for you would include the ferry ride from the Governors Island Manhattan Ferry and back: 
The walking tour from 2-3 PM
1/2 prep before the tour.

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