Thursday, May 10, 2012

2012 Visual Art Stranger Genius Nominees

Visual Art nominees Dan Webb and Sarah Bergmann
(image by previous Genius recipient Victoria Haven)
The Stranger announced their 2012 Genius Shortlists last night at a party at Melrose Market. Visual Art nominees are Dan Webb, Sarah Bergmann, and Amanda Manitach! For the tenth anniversary, they're mixing things up. This year, the "academy" (previous Genius winners) will vote on the winners, which will be announced live at the awards ceremony.

Visual Art nominee Amanda Manitach
Congrats to Amanda, Sarah, Dan, along with other nominees Grady West, Shaun Scott, Ellen Forney, Zoe Scofield (and Juniper Shuey), and the others!

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harold hollingsworth said...

good line up, super cool to see!