Wednesday, May 2, 2012

1st Thursday, May 2012

Abandoned shack 3, mushroom camp near Sisters, Oregon, 2011,
by Eirik Johnson (image via G. Gibson Gallery)

Eirik Johnson's Camps & Cabins will be opening at G. Gibson. Eirik recently won the 2012 Neddy (Open Medium).
"Many of those hunting mushrooms have lost or can no longer depend on once stable employment and have in turn, sought out a living through the global demand for foraged mushrooms. Others temporarily leave their day jobs to spend a few months each year out on the hunt. A former military commander from Laos, a nail salon owner from Stockton, and a runaway from Portland are just a few of those who have made their way to the dusty camps to search for mushrooms amongst the pine needles." - Eirik Johnson

Sometimes I'm Married, 2011 by Annie Bissett
moku hanga woodcut, image via Cullom Gallery

Brian Lane has curated a wonderful show called "Texture of Being" as part of Cullom Gallery's recent trio of artist-curated shows. 
"The "Texture of Being" encompasses the various levels of identity we have created for ourselves and for others based on our perceptions of mental and emotional states of being, as well as our relationships to each other. These printmakers have expressed memories, personal mythologies, and day to day experiences that we go through to continue building upon who we are" - Brian Lane

Teenage Donna (Released), 2012, by Robert Yoder
Image via artist

Robert Yoder will be exhibiting new work for his show DILF at Platform Gallery. 
“I have recently introduced large amounts of black into the paintings. The density of these works creates a roughness and adds a punk/SM aesthetic to the overall collection. I began drawing again, they are graphic, hard and unapologetic with their subject matter and intention. They are coming from a untapped place within me, a place that struggles with addiction and shame and socially un-accepted fantasies.” - Robert Yoder

"Soaked in mud, doused in bleach", 2012, by Joey Veltkamp

SOIL will be showing TEXT EDITOR. a group exhibition curated by Sharon Arnold. Also, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by SOIL's recent remodel!
"TEXT EDITOR...investigates how artists interpret nonsensical language or text through their use of printmaking/letterpress, photography, drawing, video, or sound. Its basis is founded on the seemingly logical arrangement of format/unformatted syntax found in glossolalia, asemic, or pangrammatic language; such as what might be used in religious fervor, sound-checks, captchas, web development, scan codes, and digital files." - Sharon Arnold

The Plunge, 2012, by Tracy Boyd
image courtesy of artist
The OK Hotel Gallery will showing new work by Tracy Boyd. 

"The show is titled "Falling" and will include a brand new series of 10+ paintings focusing on movement and instability through both human and animal subjects."

Lundgren Monuments will be showing soft form urns in their the softer side of death exhibition.


If you haven't already seen them, don't miss Buddy Bunting's show Flat Time Blue and Wynne Greenwood's Peace In. Also, check out the art opening at Art Lending Library. 

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