Thursday, March 8, 2012

Some openings tonight!

SAM Gallery will having its annual Introductions show, featuring 8 news artists such as Susanna Bluhm, Kathy Liao, Elise Richman, and more! Will be a great show! Tonight from 5-8pm. 

bu Alessandra Hisako Gordon
Eight Folks Cooperative (in Noodleworks) will be hosting All Together Again: An Installation by Alessandra Hisako Gordon. 6pm - midnight. Call (206) 953-1229 to gain entry.
"The show is based on a compilation of fictional writings that I have done over the past year about the meaning of home and all of its mutations. The installation, at its core, is a study of inhabitance and what subtleties grow between people when daily life is shared."
Studio mate Devon Hale will also be showing work.

Richard Busch at Ghost Gallery
Ghost Gallery will be showing candid rock and roll snapshots from the 60s and the 70s by Richard Busch. 5-8pm.

"[Man Stuff #1] Hammer," by Luke Haynes at Vermillion
Luke Haynes is back from NYC and has a show of new and favorite work up at Vermillion celebrating his 100th quilt. 
"The hundredth quilt was a huge marker for me in my career. I use it as the line in the sand at which point I gained mastery of my craft. The point of the show is a celebration of the art and object of quilts as well as of me making it in the world. I will curate the show from my works through out the years and fresh off the machine.
Tonight from 6-8pm. 

Seattle University's Fine Art Department will be showcasing work from their upperclassmen in the Advanced Studio Art Exhibition. Reception tonight from 5-8pm in the Vachon Gallery. 

Opening Friday Night!

by Starhead Boy
And if you don't have plans tomorrow night (3/9), don't miss this amazing owl show curated by Ryan Henry Ward. Who's Hoo? is going to an incredibly dense show of owls from across Seattle and the globe. It kills me that I couldn't get my shit together to get something in there. Hoot hoot!
It's all about owls! An amazing collection of artists from seattle and across the globe come together for an owl themed art show. Come find out who's owl belongs to what amazing artist. Get ready for an amazing variety of mediums , from sculptures, to paintings, to art by real active street artists. Bring your check book because there will be some irresistable art for your home collection.
6-10pm at Urban Light Studios.

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