Monday, March 12, 2012

Sharon's writing again!

via Sharon Arnold
Great news for Seattle! Sharon Arnold promises to be writing more frequently. More arts coverage in Seattle has to be one of our region's biggest complaints. First up, her thoughts on Lauren Klenow's last curated show at Steele Gallery called Brick and Mortar.
It's exhausting to draw. You never know how hard you have to work until you're working. Professors go on at length about how drawing is a philosophical battle with yourself; that what you see is not really what you’re making (you’ll never win that war but you’ll have some epic battles). But it is a real thing, this negotiation between perceived reality; what you see, what you think you see, what you don’t see, and how you must represent it either faithfully or fictionally. - Sharon Arnold

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sharonA said...

thanks Joey - words are as important as the act of making. I look forward to writing more this year! (psst, ya'll need to add me to your blog rolls again! lol)