Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Crystal Barbre / Rabbit Hole

in progress mural by Crystal Barbre
Seattle artist Crystal Barbre has just completed an amazing mural for the Belltown bar, Rabbit Hole. It's big and weird and full of her characteristic human bodies with animal heads. I don't always get to link to Crystal's stuff because sometime it runs a bit racy, but I sure do think her paintings are great. 

mural by Crystal Barbre for Rabbit Hole
As this ages, I hope this become a beloved piece of Seattle's history, just like the beautiful nude in the men's restroom at Vito's. Skee ball, Pabst and a mural full of rabbits sounds like a good evening to me!

by Crystal Barbre
Here's a painting from her Rainier Girl series. You can currently Crystal's work at Roq La Rue in the show Red Current.

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