Thursday, March 1, 2012

1st Thursday, March 2012

time lapse video by T Scauzillo Golden

There are so many good shows tonight! I'm kicking myself that I won't be around to see them. You'll see a ton of ceramic related shows since NCECA will be here at the end of the month. Timea Tihanyi and Ben Hirshkoff have co-curated a super fun SOIL show called Open for Construction. Members have turned the gallery into an office called SOIL CORP where visitors ("workers") are invited to sit at desks for long periods of time making their own creations (that will stay in the gallery) and collectively transform the space into a strange clay wonderland. I can't wait to sit down for a couple of hours.

by Gretchen Bennett, 2012 (image via artist)
Gretchen Bennett will be showing a beautiful new body of work called The Street Poster Remastered (Bardo States) at Prole Drift. I could look at Gretchen's art all day long. (In fact, some days that's exactly what I do - set up all her pieces in my apartment and just sit and look at them.)

Lovers, 2011, by Ben Waterman, oil and acrylic on paper
(image courtesy of Greg Kucera)
I've really been looking forward to Ben Waterman's first solo show at Greg Kucera called, Midnight Lullaby - Paintings. This piece looks especially tender.

IN MY BROTHER'S NAME, 2011, by Tim Roda, b&w photograph
(image courtesy of Greg Kucera)
Also at Greg's, a new series of small photographs by Tim Roda. I'm so used to his large ones so I'll be real curious to see how things change when the scale shifts. 

Gala Bent (l) and Saya Moriyasu (r) at G. Gibson Gallery
G. Gibson Gallery will be having 2 great new shows with work by Gala Bent and Saya Moriyasu. I love Gala's work and these look great. Saya's work has been wonderfully strange lately and this show really highlights that. I hope someone I know buys this owl teapot!

Other great shows I'm bummed to miss!

I know there are lots of other great shows I'm missing but I'll be away from the computer for most of the day. Sorry if I missed your show!

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