Friday, January 13, 2012

"Talking shit about a pretty sunset."

A friend took me out for a birthday dinner tonight so I didn't check Facebook for an entire 6 hours (gawd, I'm pathetic!) and what a delightful surprise when I got home. Facebook was full of all these gorgeous images of Seattle's sunset. I didn't ask any of these folks if I could use their images (so lemme know if you want me to remove yours) but I just thought it made such a pretty set. Seattle, how can you possibly be so beautiful?!

by Holly Hinton
by Erin Frost
by Steven Miller
Paul Heppner
Jeanine Anderson
Shaun Kardinal
George Froehle
Sarah Littlefield
Paul Townsend
Steve Pew
Jo David
Matty Harper
Genevieve Gaiser Tremblay
Mira Crisp
Jennifer Towner
Kyle Johnson
Juan Alonso-Rodriguez
*I had to update because I missed a few on FB last night.