Friday, January 20, 2012

Sea-Cat 2

Sea-Cat 2
Sea-Cat 2 is officially out and chock full of goodness. You can read more about this great project by Matt Offenbacher, Wynne Greenwood, and Gretchen Bennett here.

Literary Book Bag by Mike Pham

I love these customizable Literary Book Bags by Mike Pham! $100 gets you a super cool/unique tote!

American Fag by JD Samson
Or how about JD Samson's American Fag hat ("Made of hat, tampon strings, and (in some cases) Rit dye. One size fits all." $150 and it's yours!

You can download the free version of Sea-Cat 2 here. I have 2 projects included: Blanket drawings and a not-yet created Owl Light. Sea-Cat 2 was also included in TAM's recent 10th Annual Northwest Biennial.

Swing by Hedreen Gallery on Tuesday, January 24 from 5-8pm for the Sea-Cat 2 opening.

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