Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Perfume Genius

Pitchfork posted the new video, Hood, by Perfume Genius this morning. Using gay porn star Arpad Miklos as a stand-in for his boyfriend, singer/songwriter Mike Hadreas explains that, "This is about when you feel like if someone really knew you, they would leave." It doesn't get sexy; it's all very sweet and tender. He wanted to use a big, burly man for the video because, "If I just got my boyfriend to be in there with me, people could just pass it off as cute because we're both boyish. I like the idea of not having things be so obvious." *

Learning by Perfume Genius

Hadreas talks a bit about each of the songs from the forthcoming album over at Matador Records. AWOL Marine sounds like a beautiful art piece.
"AWOL MARINE: This is from some unedited homemade basement porn I watched, with an old man and some hustlers. You can see or hear them doing drugs off camera. They leave the camera running before and about ten minutes after the "scenes", and I am sort of obsessed with watching the before and after. One guy told the cameraman he was just doing the video to get money for his wife's medicine. Then there is a close up of his face. The old man always explains that he will edit out the guys' faces but he never does."

They've been doing lots of touring this past year (including a recent segment with Beirut!). The new album, Put Your Back N 2 It comes out February 21. You can catch Perfume Genius at The Crocodile on April 19.

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