Friday, August 5, 2011

“Environs” curated by pun(c)tuation

Vancouver, 2011 by Laura Hamje, image via artist
Oil on canvas, 30" x 40"

This Saturday, Art/Not Terminal will present the first professionally curated show of their 22 year history. Pun(c)tuation creative partners Kizha Davidson and J. Maxwell Bennett have selected work by 12 diverse artists who all, " ...ask the question – how do we perceive our environment, and how do these spaces shape our perceptions of self?"

"Lee's Ferry 3-4" by Suze Woolf
image via artist

Artists included are Dan Amell, Ellen Berdinner, Laura Hamje, Levi Hastings, Cecilia Mayr, Christian McLeod, Ellen Picken, Argyle Plaids, Dave Rockenbeck, Dara Solliday, Erika Tieszen, and Suze Woolf.
“Environs” explores the everyday spaces around us; the unremarkable objects we encounter and unnoticed areas we exist in. This exhibit brings together work by 12 artists examining their own worlds, capturing the scenery, buildings, vehicles, birds, and people that make up their unique vistas. Some take a macro approach, capturing the landscape as an organic whole by focusing on the multitude of particles that comprise it. Others get up close, focusing in at the micro level until even the most mundane settings become large-scale abstractions."
"Invisible Tags" by Christian McLeod
image via artist

Environs, curated by pun(c)tuation
Art/Not Terminal Gallery
Saturday, August 6
2045 Westlake Ave

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