Monday, May 30, 2011

Tahoma at Vignettes

Windfall Alphabet by Gretchen Bennett

One night only! Vignettes presents Tahoma by Gretchen Bennett. From 7-10 on May 31, Sierra will open up her studio apartment/gallery to host a reception.
"Even the Windfall stick font is taken from an incredible web of connection and disjointed from it. It’s intentionally separated from its original intent and content, to become somewhat strange, suggestive of an alternate civilization. This is why the Internet is so important, because in dipping into this culture, alien to the artist, she doesn’t know what her limitations are, what they should be. This is not about misunderstanding, but reunderstanding; moving away from and strengthening what the work is moving towards. This happens in steps and becomes a language. Meaning is built over time." an excerpt from Chris Doyle in Gretchen Bennett’s Governors Island Studio 2010
Buzz '081' or 'stinson' at El Capitan Apartments (1617 Yale Ave) and head up to apartment 510.

Also happening on Tuesday, May 31:
The launch of Gallery (206) in Occidental Park from 7-10pm.

Emily Pothast's silkscreen class at Cairo from 7-9pm.

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