Saturday, May 21, 2011

Publication Studio

The other day on Facebook, I posted a link to Vic Haven's new book Hit The North. A few folks have since asked me about either that book or its publisher. I just figured everyone already knew about the amazing folks of Publication Studio but for those who don't, they were originally founded in Portland by Matthew Stadler and Patricia No, and now have satellite locations in Berkeley, Vancouver, Toronto and one in "Midwest Radical Culture Corridor, or MRCC—a centerless terrain in the middle of North America."
Publication Studio is a maker and destroyer of books. We print and bind books on demand, creating original work with artists and writers we admire. We use any means possible to help writers and artists reach a public: physical books; a digital commons (where anyone can read and annotate our books for free); eBooks; and unique, lavish social events with our writers and artists in many cities. via
The first time I heard of them was back in 2009 when they published the exhibition catalog for Jeff Mitchell and Roy McMakin's Pulliam Gallery show Joy & Reffry. Since then they've continued to work with Seattle artists, writers and galleries. They've published a book of John Roderick's tweets, novels by Matt Briggs, catalogs for the Open Satellite exhibitions of Meiro Koizumi and Heather & Ivan Morrison, an essay by Anne Focke, and stories by Sarah Lippek.

Sorrento Hotel by Joey Veltkamp

I was lucky enough to work with them on a book of my drawings (based on photographs by Chase Jarvis) from a magical night at the Sorrento Hotel, capped off by a midnight rooftop concert by Mudhoney. Songs for Eating and Drinking 3.0 was of an evening of amazing music and food during the hottest night of the summer back in 2009.

Charles Krafft, "Empty River Series," 1971

And as I mentioned in yesterday's post, Smith & Vallee will be hosting a reading of "A RIVER STORY" (which premiered last year at Western Bridge) on June 11th. Author Anna Linzer will be reading along with Elizabeth Huddle (formerly of Intiman Theater). Northwest artists Charles Kraft and Eli Hansen (who recently relocated to New York but will always be NW to me) both contributed art for special editions of the book.

Gretchen Bennett is also currently working on a book with them and from this picture, it looks like they might have started production yesterday. I can't wait to get my hands on this one!

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harold hollingsworth said...

fun, fun, and like you, can't wait to see and read!