Friday, September 24, 2010

Free art for the weekend

Start your Friday off right and go to the opening of Pun(c)uation's latest show. Matika Wilbur's iHuman combines large format photography with woven cedar. Reception starts at 8pm.

by Gala Bent

ACK! How on earth did I forget to include this show? Tonight from 6-8pm at Gage Academy, Gala Bent, Chauney Peck and Matt Sellars will be showing work for Kaleidoscope. Artist talk at 7pm. This show will be awesome, so don't miss!

image via G Gibson Gallery

Love to hear great artists talk about their works? Then swing on in to G. Gibson Gallery tomorrow at 2pm to hear Saya Moriyasu and Maija Fiebig discuss the art from their current show Charm.

Then later that night, you should check out NEPO House for Klara's 4th installation of her open house with an artistic bent. Tomorrow's show is the largest to date with all artist showing under their "pencil" names. It goes from 6pm - midnight and includes a live performance from Shenandoah Davis. Should be lots of fun!

Face Time with Uncle Eli!

Feel like getting crafty? Then you won't want to miss this slumber party of crafts at the Hedreen Gallery. Eli Hansen will be leading the 3rd installment of Face Time. 8pm to 8am. First one asleep gets their bra frozen!

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