Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fort Branch remix / Zack Bent

Flambeau, 2010 by Zack Bent

If you haven't stopped by Vermillion to check out Zack Bent's latest show, Fort Branch, time's a wastin'. In fact, it's only up through September 4th. Using his family members as his subjects, Zack continues his exploration of rituals and scouting. Knowing Zack and Gala, whenever I see these photos, I just think, "Wow, these kids must be having the time of their life!". They seem so fun and playful (but can also get a little dark and moody).

Model Home by Zack Bent

Today from 2-4 pm, Zach will remix one of his installations (Model Home - made from larger than life Lincoln logs). His two oldest sons (3.5 & 5 years old) will get their turn as architect and get to tell dad how to reconfigure the piece. The gallery won't be open for this but viewers are encouraged are to stop by and watch the performance through the front windows.

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