Sunday, August 8, 2010

Birds / Smith & Vallee

Andrew Vallee

If you happen to be in the town of Edison, I have a couple of owls up at Smith & Vallee for their August show Birds. Edison is a perfect day trip - cruise on up and see art, eat yummy food and have a drink at the saloon. Some friends and I drove up last weekend to do just that.

Dave and I at the Longhorn Saloon & Grill


Anonymous said...


did you stop, on the way back, at the tav in Conway to have one of their crazy Oysterburgers? It's such a funky experience with the locals dancing at the end of the room, the young men and women carrying so much of their home life out for a cold beer and stuff. In the sixties, the bank next store was owned and lived in by Larry Beck the northwest Inuit sculptor and his painter wife, Gertrude Pacific. The bank's vault was their bathroom and they had a sizable rope swing hanging from the ceiling. I recall Gertrude showing up spontainiously at a painter's house on Fir Island just over the Skagit river fork and showing off her new found ability to tap dance. The Skagit has been a magnet for so many artists over the decades.


smithandvallee said...

Thanks for the buzz Joey! It's great to have you in the show.

Wanted to share that the Cascadia Weekly recently came out with their own article (see link below) about their own experience with "BIRDS" and Edison.

All the best,

Andrew, Wes & Berit (aka, the Gang at Smith & Vallee)