Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Artsparks / Occidental Park

If you haven't been taking advantage of all the amazing art in the parks this summer, you are really missing out. Artsparks has been keeping things really fresh in Occidental Park all summer long.

Celebration and Fanfare (detail) by Celeste Cooning

Artist Celeste Cooning has created intricate canopies of cut Tyvek that hang in the branches above you like lace-y curtains. These pieces will be up through September 1.

Risking to Care for a Place by Ben Waterman

Artist Ben Waterman is taking a hard look at the park. "For one week, Ben Waterman will make the limits of Occidental Park his primary place of existence. During the day, he will look and study. At night, he will build a visual record of the connections that he made during the day through creating thin raw clay lines between the points. These lines will be almost unnoticeable at first, however, as the days and the project progresses, these efforts in their accumulation, will become apparent. These created connections will also be documented through photography and posted on a website mapping movements, observations, and efforts creating a permanent record of Ben’s actions."

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