Friday, August 6, 2010

1st Thursday recap

Another fun art walk full of so much great art. There were so many people outside of SOIL for the Xanadu performance that it looked like some sort of fashion protest.

Untitled, 2009 by Philip Miner

I don't know how Jason Hirata was able to select just one piece from the large grid of drawings/paintings by Philip Miner. I thought the whole show was amazing.

Hwy 33, 2010 by Bill Finger

Mike Pham went with Bill Finger's diorama Hwy 33 from PUNCH Gallery. I always forget how poorly these photos can translate - it's hard to get the scale but the piece is probably 2'x3' wide.

Roller skates (worn by Olivia Newton-John), 2010 by Klara Glosova

I couldn't resist the charms of these Xanadu-inspired skates from Klara Glosova. Apparently neither could last night's crowd at the Hideout because they selected the sculpture as the "best of" the night. Congratulations Klara!

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