Sunday, October 4, 2009

30 Place by Ryan Molenkamp

"I reworked 30 Place this year because I really couldn’t stand what I had done with the original. In short the first version sucked (that’s a proper art criticism vernacular: “sucked”, by the way). It needed reworking. It might have gotten a complete painting over had I not loaned it to an acquaintance to stage some fancy condo….out of sight, out of mind I guess. But when I got it back, a year later, it pained me to look at. This piece is a great lesson in why you should sit with your work for 6 months before sending it out into the world. In any case, it was languishing in a fancy condo, which was in turn languishing in a terrible housing market, and probably not too many people saw it. The only reason I let her have it in the first place was because I was not entirely satisfied with the painting but that was the last time I’ll ever do something like that.

30 Place by Ryan Molenkamp

Anyhow I got it back, and I stared it down and decided there might be something decent hiding in that composition. After a full reworking I was able to get it to a place I could be happy with. It’s only now, that I’m thinking about this painting, about how it fits into my Place series, that I realize that allowing this work to have such a turbulent childhood in the hands of a realtor is very much in conflict with all the works I have done which explore ideas of development in the Northwest. Whoops! How’s that for an ironic metaphorical lesson?" - Ryan Molenkamp

Ryan currently has work on view in the group show Refracting Space at Steele Gallery. Next month, he will be showing at Vermillion.


Laura Kathryn said...

Joey, I am such a fan of this kind of post- really interesting insight! (and Ryan, the painting really was good before, but I totally understand the choices you made.)

Joey Veltkamp said...

Thanks Kathy - me, too! It's really interesting what folks choose to write about. They select the image and tell the story. So personal and revealing. xo