Friday, June 12, 2009

Water, part II

Matthew Smith, 2006 (image via Western Bridge)

It's summer here in Seattle and instead of water being something we avoid (rain), it's something we can't get enough of. Here are a couple of really cool water-related arts events.

Western Bridge (my favorite place to see art in Seattle) has a summer show simply called Underwater. Chock full of paintings, drawings, videos and installation of water in all its forms. The return of Jeppe Hein's ice-cube is a personal favorite. Other artists include Hiroshi Sugimoto, Gary Hume, Trisha Donnelly, and nearly 40 more.

Carla Klein (image via The Stranger)

This Tuesday, June 16, COCA is hosting one pot + art of the table + things that swim. This will be Michael Hebb with Dustin Ronspies (chef/Art of the Table) and special guests all joining together to celebrate all the beautiful things that swim. Implied Violence, Randy Lewis, Matt Gano and John Boylan will be adding their special touches to the evening. An added bonus is Tracy Boyd's show currently up at COCA.  $45/cash bar.

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