Thursday, August 28, 2008


Stammtisch is a German word that Jeff told me about. Very roughly translated to 'regulars at a tavern'. The physical table is reserved, a plaque above saying "Stammtisch". Well, this is ours. It's a nice simple table at CCs that looks out on the patio. I like it because it's got the calmest energy.
I love Smith, but I bounce around all over there. No special table. Though Dave and I do sit in the back booth/front window a lot. Depending on the season. Demi-stammitsch?


Tales from the Crib said...

Joey! Love this. I wonder if you could use this term with reference to a church pew? My Grandma Broome used to get royally pissed if anyone sat in "her pew" at church. Stammtisch!

You look great. And happy. Love that.


Joey_Veltkamp said...

bar table, church pew -- what have you!

she should've carved her name in it -- i've thought about doing that!

DITTO -- such a joy to read your blog and kind of keep up to date on your folks' life down there. :))