Sunday, August 24, 2008

Rattling House

Jeffry and I went to Leo Saul Berk's talk about his piece, "Rattling House". It's currently on display at the Hedreen Gallery at the Lee Center.
The piece is a really sexy object* that looks supsended in air as if water simply stopped midflow. It's a representation of a cave that he visited in 2001. I love how the physical piece represents the volume of the water that created it in the first place. Scott Lawrimore made nice points and Leo Saul Berk gave some really good insight into the creation of the sculpture.
For more info, listen to Jen Graves' podcast.
(I really wanted to hear Gretchen Bennett's discussion at the Frye but it started 30 minutes later and we had to pick up cupcakes and get them out to Vashon Island for Mike's bday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!)
*it kept being referenced as a 'sexy object' -- which is is.

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