Sunday, July 13, 2008


Wow! What a weekend. Jeff and I took Amtrak down to Portland. The hotel we stayed in had a Warhol on each floor. We got to go to clark:lewis and see Dolan. And then stopped by the The Eagle for a minute.

We saw the Contemporary Awards exhibit and it was amazing. I'm surprised at how well each artist fit with each other -- in an unintentional way. Then we visited the rest of the museum. Some really great stuff. We took a couple pics (sans flash) and totally got caught. Security wasn't tailing us -- they were hovering about 2 feet away. I felt like we were gonna get arrested. ; )

Then Jeff's gallery, Pulliam-Deffenbaugh put on a dinner (really a collector named Joe put on the dinner, hosted at Rod/Glen's house cooked by Jason -- collaboration at its best. Levi made a great soundtrack for the evening). SO FUN. All great folks. Nice to meet Deneen and Joe.

Then we went back to the hotel and watched a movie and raided the wet bar. A super fun trip -- THANKS Jeff.

Got to have breakfast with Dolan and Anita and met Isabella (finally). Then called Joey and we grabbed a ride back with him to Seattle. We got sidetracked at a river for the afternoon swimming and jumping out of trees (well, he did -- I stayed on the large hill and jumped). The perfect day. Grabbed milkshakes on the way home.


shallyo said...

i'm thinking of taking a weekend trip to PDX at the end of August. What hotel did you stay in?

Joey Veltkamp said...

we stayed in the Heathman because Portland Art Musuem paid. I think it's kind of pricey though. PDX confuses me -- I can never keep up on which neighborhood I'm supposed to stay in. I think everyone just stays at the Ace Hotel though.

colleen said...

Joe! Sounds like you've been having a very fun summer....Isn't portland a blast??? Of course, so is seattle! Once again you've managed to 'wow' me with your active social life! We've been at the lake for about the last 2 weeks. It was awesome. Feels good to be home though. Air conditioning, clean sheets and shaved armpits......PRICELESS!

Joey Veltkamp said...

after my day at the river, i'm so jones'ing for a week at the lake -- let alone TWO! wow. i can't imagine how relaxed i'd be.

the pics look fun too. priest?

erin said...

I'll try to check it out. I have to be in Portland this weekend and anticipate some down time (between visiting family in the hospital and blueberry picking on the family farm). I miss seeing you at the Y and other places! Erin

Joey Veltkamp said...

you should totally go erin -- the entire show (and the whole portland art museum) is amazing!