Thursday, July 10, 2008


It's been so nice here in Seattle these past few days. Feels like the sun might really be here to stay (for a few days at least). I've been threatening to move for months and then BAM -- the sun finally comes out and you think -- how could I ever leave here?? But summer will be over in a couple of weeks and then it's back to endless gray. I think I have about one more winter in me here. That'll make a lucky 13. But then what? Where? New Orleans / Austin are at the top of the list. I just want SUN!
Anyway, met Y Amy last night for a picnic at Cal Anderson. Such a nice evening.

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Tales from the Crib said...

You do realize Colorado is like, the sunniest state on the planet don't you!?!? Denver's cool...if you like that sort of scene ;-) xox miss you!