Monday, June 30, 2008

Gay Christmas!

The nicest weather I remember for Pride. Hadn't seen the parade yet since it's been downtown. It was weird to see it there -- I liked it on the hill. We couldn't see that well, so we made tracks to Lindas. The hill felt like a ghost-town. Sunny days in Seattle always mean that Linda's patio is packed. Not yesterday.

And this person? Well, he just wanted to make sure his cat could see the Dykes on Bikes.


Kim said...

So, how fun to come across your blog! This is your old neighbor, Kimmy Keith from Dakota Street.

Glad to see you're doing great! Do you ever eat at Matt's at the market? It's one of my favs, I saw you were at Quinns, too. I think that's just across from Matts.

Anyway I'm sorry you think you missed out on pool parties as a youngster. I can't believe one of our parents didn't put one in!

Love ya,

Joey_Veltkamp said...

Crazy hilarious Kimmy Keith! Yeah, you folks totally had tha above ground number. I forgot...i did get in there a few times. :)

are you in spokane? i couldn't quite tell...i'll have to dig deeper in your blog. for some reason, i thought you were over on this side of the mountains.

shali said...

Oh my...the cat!

Joey_Veltkamp said...

ha-ha -- I know, riight?

Kim said...

Joey- in Spokaloo still, teacher in Mead. :-)

Hey, and see you did do a few pool parties!